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Comments on anything that interests you. Politics, Music, Art, Movies or sport.
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Let's get to know each other.
The Pub
For members to get away from the heated debates in the discussion forums and have a little chill-out.
Theology & Philosophy
Isn't his absence slightly odd?
Abrahamic Religions
Which is the one true and uncorrupted religion?
God's chosen people. Is God racist?
The peak of the Greek Tragedy is embodied in this somewhat confusing religion.
Is it really a continuation of the OT and the NT, or a mere cheap copy?
The Qur'an
Analysis and discussions regarding the Qur'an (only).
Hadith and Sunnah
The Shari'ah laws, sayings of the prophet, his biography and his ways.
Non-Abrahamic Religions
Eastern, indigenous and newly created religions.
Apostates Of Religion
Testimonies, circumstances and the straw that broke the camel's back.
New Converts
Have you recently found God or a religion that is in your view "the true and only one"? Please share your story with us.
Truth, Goodness and Beauty
Discuss the different philosophical schools and which one do you support the most.
Do you apply logic when you investigate, verify, discuss and debate? Or do you end up falling into one of the "logical fallacies", as you lose control of your thoughts and temper?
Atheism, Agnosticism, Spiritualism and Faithheadism
Is it genetic? Do some people need to be believe in something to maintain a balance in life? And are Atheists just harsh people who weren't loved as they grew up?
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Invite one or more persons you want to have exclusive debate with by name. Only those whom you invite will be allowed to post here. Others will be removed if you ask the moderators.
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Frustrated at not being able to comment within the one on one debates forum? Then add your comment here and vent your frustrations away.
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Share relevant images,video and audio files.
Stop Press
Post your news related articles and your views on them here.
Planet Venus
Where issues concerning the beautiful half are discussed and closely examined.
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