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hello everyone

hello everyone,

haven't looked around this site yet to see what its about. See a lot of FFI nicks so I guess Islam would be high on the topics list. My main interest is religion itself rather than just Islam though Islam demands our attention what with the bombs going off etc.
I hate labels and dislike being called an athiest but for labels sake, that's what I am. It's not that I think there is no God, whatever that is, it's that I just don't know. I certainly don't believe in the God of Muhammad, or Jesus's for that matter or for anything that I don't have rational and logical proof of. I believe I am a freethinker.
I believe religion is like a drug, it give's comfort, and solace in the short term but all it's promise's are denied in the full term. I may be a 'weak athiest' in that I don't deny God, I just don't know but I am strong in my comdemnation of those of us that are, in my opinion the true hypocrites.
Religion is corruption from whatever you look at it. They say they believe, they lie, they know. They say they are humbled, that's a lie, they know, what arrogance. They say they are non-judgemental but I as an athiest I'm an unrepentent sinner who is with satan. I mean, without reson and logic included in the conversation which they voluntarily forego, how can you even talk with these idiots.
FFI likes to use Christians in the fight against Islam but in my mind it's a poisoned chalice.
In my country we have problems with christians as do the American's. How can we keep Islam out of our schools when we have Christianity pushing to preach their absurdities.
Muhammad was a Bedouin warlord, misogynist , murderer, pedophile and probably requiring psychiatric treatment and yet 1.2 billion people worship him and his Allah, astounding.
Why is it we dont learn from experience?

Greetings Plexus! Welcome. Can you please elaborate on your statement:

Plexus wrote:

FFI likes to use Christians in the fight against Islam but in my mind it's a poisoned chalice.



PS: Im an agnostic leaning towards atheism.

Hello Plexus

Welcome to the forum! Very Happy

Thank you for the detailed introduction and as you may see through the layout of this forum, I don't want this forum to only "analyse and discuss" Islam, but all religions and even the concept of God. There is even a non Abrahamic faith, philosophy and logic sections.

All here have equal opportunity to present their case for a discussion.

It's good to see another Aussie joining the forum, hopefully next time you let us know a little bit about yourself.

Enjoy the brain storming!


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