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Watching Muhammad re-Runs

A while back I realized that many people on this forum are unaware of the details of Muhammad's fleeing Mecca. On the night he was flying, the angel Gabriel told Muhammad "not to sleep in his own bed". A group of Meccans led by Abu Jahal, allegedly devised the perfect way to kill Muhammad. To escape the assasination attempt, He ran off in the middle of the night and left his 9 year old cousin Ali to sleep in his bed.

So when the assasins attack in the middle of the night, they will find someone in the bed before they stick the bed with their swords. Many people on this board were surprised at such an act of cowardice, putting a child instead of himself to die in his place. Here is the Sira:


Abu Jahl at last exclaimed, ‘By Allah I I have a plan which none of you has yet thought of’, and they asked, ‘What is it, o father of wisdom?’ He said, ‘I propose that from every tribe we should take one young, powerful, well?born man. To each of these, we should give a good sword with which to strike Muham­mad. So we shall be delivered of him, his blood will be divided among all the tribes, and his followers will not have the strength to make war on so many.’ The sheikh (Satan) said, ‘I see no other plan and the people adopted the proposal and then dispersed.

But Gabriel came to the apostle of Allah and said to him, ‘Do not spend this night in thy accustomed bed.’

When a part of the night had elapsed the conspirators assembled at ­Muhammad’s door to watch him, intending to fall upon lie he was asleep. When the apostle of Allah saw them he said to Ali, ‘Sleep on my bed and cover thyself with my green cloak, and they will do thee no harm.’ It was the custom of the apostle to sleep in that cloak. Meanwhile Abu Jah1jeeringly told the waiting conspirators, ‘Muhammad says that if you follow him you will become princes both of the Arabs and the non-Arabs, that you will be resurrected after death, and given gardens like the gardens of Jordan; but if you do not follow him, he will kill you and after death you will be resurrected and burn in the fires of hell.’

The apostle went out to them and said, ‘Yes! That is the truth’, and Allah blinded them so that they could not see him. Then Muhammad scattered dust on their heads, recited a verse from the Koran, and went about his business.

After a while, a man came along and asked the still waiting conspirators, ‘What are you waiting for?’ and they replied, ‘Muhammad.’ ‘May Allah confound you!’ the man exclaimed.  ‘Muhammad came out to you, and scattered dust on the head of every man among you, and then went his way. Can you not see what has happened to you?’ Every man placed his hand on his head, and found that dust was on it, and then they began to search around. Finding Ali on the bed, wrapped in the cloak of the apostle, they said, ‘Here is Muhammad still sleeping in his mantle!’ ? and so they did not move until morning. But it was Ali who rose from the bed, and they realized that the man who had spoken to them had told the truth.

I used to love that story. I love the part where they admit that Muhammad promised them they will be the "Princes of the Arabs and the non-Arabs", which is the reason he switched the Kubla from Jerusalem to the Quraysh Kaaba.

I loved how Muslims looked at the story with awe when to me it was an act of ultimate cowardice. In fact in the tafsir (explanation) of the koran, jesus is depicted as asking one of his disciples to volunteer so Allah can make him look like him and die in his place on the cross. Jesus: "Which one of you would like to purchase his place in Paradise?"

To a non-muslim, Jesus making such a request from his flock makes him a monster, but for a muslim, who knows Muhammad made such a request, and from a child no less, the muslims will try to find every excuse to prove to himself that it is normal for prophets to ask their flocks to sacrifice themselves for their prophets.

This story is *not* about someone *wanting* to sacrifice themselves for his prophet. This is about a Prophet asking someone to sacrifice himself in his place (Coward).

The part of the Sheikh being Satan is not true, the part about the assassins being put to sleep is not true.  The koran which covered many aspects of muhammad, did not cover such critical aspects of the story. I would have expected the koran to have covered this event with more details. It is after this event that the flavor of the verses of koran 'changed' from mildly peaceful to war-like.

Muhammad would have been bragging all over the place if those events happened the way they are described in the sirat. Also Muhammad's patron grand-father was dead and his family did not think highly of him. His own Uncle Abu Lahab hated him. If 'any' Meccan wanted to kill Muhammad, it would have been a simple matter and there would have been no retaliations.

Dear Baal

Yes, I remember asking you for the story, since I had not heard it before !

Thank you, I will make use of it !

The best part is when muhammad tells ali to cover him with his cloak, saying he would be safe like that !

Pure deceit !
Ego-centric, ego-manic, coward, liar, deceiver, a typical "false prophet" !

The point is, we all repeatedly read parts, bits and pieces of quran and ahadith, but hardly anyone has the "sira" ready at hand !

I will try to get an english version !

Anybody know of an online-version ?

I put a link for the online book from FFI's library.

Muhamad's action reminds me of the Afghani sending kids with a suicide belt on them.

Kid: "What station should I stop at?"
Afgani Wheeler Dealer: "Do not worry about that, we will call you."
Pazuzu bin Hanbi

Wow, I’ve never heard this story before and it is utterly despicable! Thanks for posting it.

Story was taught to us at school. Several Time. Instead of learning the history of our pharaohs and find out how our civilization shaped the world, We had to study this guy that froze us in time.

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