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Who Authored the Koran?

This topic is related to FFI topics of authorship, but since FFI has so many, I wanted to condense the question into the main 'camps', and think aloud about them. So far, the camps are as follows:

1. God authored the Koran via an angel, dictating the words to Muhammed.
2. Some demon authored the Koran pretending to be from God, again dictating the words (etc).
3. Christians wrote the Koran, inserting their own code into it, such that if you knew Bible you were getting an extension of the Bible, not really claimed as a new Bible book, but more of a manifesto (this will have to be edited).
4. Muhammed wrote the Koran from his own motives in order to control people.
5. Some combination of the above, such that maybe some but not all of the Koran, is supernatural (whether God or demon inspired).

I'm not sure where I stand on this.  Seems to me the deft wordplay and incorporation by reference of so many Bible passages at once with such economy of language bespeaks superhuman origin.  I don't mean cleverness of writing in the conventional sense.  I mean the ability to quickly and comprehensively weave in Bible concepts, doctrines, keywords from ALL OVER the Bible into just a few sentences.  That kind of skill normally marks a book as being from God.

Trouble is, in the Koran this weaving skill is derisive.  So that makes me suspect demonic involvement.  God doesn't mock.

The counter to the above argument has been simply put by the 3rd and 4th camp, as "well, people back then were much cleverer with writing, it was their pastime."  There's no denying that.  

The 3rd idea that Christians somehow wrote a Bible manifesto or description within the Koran (using the keywords, so you'd have to already know Bible well to see that), is au courant.  But why would Christians write DERISIVE plays Bible passages, in the Koran?  What's to be gained?  If it were simply a manifesto so they could say they believed in the Koran without really denying their faith in Christ, then the Koran's passages shouldn't contradict Bible so much.  Unless, that contradiction isn't real.

The 4th idea is that Muhammed just made it up as he went along, to get power.  But how did he get the skill concerning Bible?  In particular, when Scripture was read to him, how did he know that what was read, was wrong?

I'm not sure of the answers yet.  I don't read Arabic.  English tends to buttress #2, but translations, who can trust?  So, then:  what do you think?

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