AhmedBahgat another Shirk hole

Salam all,

Another web site story, the above mentioned web site is an Egyptian site, promoting Amr Adeeb (a popular TV presenter) of Orbit Channel program Al Qahera Al Youm which means Cairo Today, I watch his program a lot in Australia and also track it always on youtube, I like his program because he is a presenter who is brave enough to discuss serious religious matters in a country calling itself "Muslim Country", however I started to change all this perspective I had about his program, I now believe that they only bring those who oppose the current Islamic circumstances to only humiliate them or possibly just to tell them that they are wrong regardless of any compelling evidences presented, about a year ago I joined his web site, very broing to be honest, it also hurts my already hurt eyes, big times, this is because they use black background which is a killer to my eyes, I hardly spent there a lot of times due to this fact alone, however I decided to test them lately, so I started posting some of my articles waiting for any replies.

I actually kept myself in the Islamic forum as I don’t get involved  in any other activity on the net discussing any other matters, now, you can guess that they did not like me, this is because the subjects of the articles I started to post over there were well selected to itch their minds and see what sorts of replies they will come up with

For example, I used Tashih Al Bukhari , Let's talk Ibn Majih, The terrorists are mentioned in sura Al Baqrara and Did Isa (Jesus) die on earth before he was raised

Today I found that the last two threads mentioned above were deleted, I was actually shocked, because they kept the first two which are more controversial than the ones they deleted, in the ones they deleted I only claimed with compelling Quran proofs the followings:

1) The terrorists are mentioned in 2:8-20
2) Isa (Jesus) died on earth before he was raised

Of course I was attacked on both threads. For those dumb Egyptians, instead of refuting what I said, they just come and attack me personally without even knowing who I’m, just attack after attack, I actually told them that attacking me won’t be considered a refute yet they continued to attack me

This made me more determined to expose them, not strangely any knowledgeable Arab Muslim can do it with ease to them due to the fact of the tens and tens of crap they post there, for example:

In the Islamic forum, I found a thread by a woman, the thread was titled Lessons in Love, so I was curious, what is that about lessons in love in the Islamic forum, I thought I will learn something admirable, however I was shocked to find out that it was nothing but a hadith, in  such crap hadith, it is alleged that the prophet asked the people about the top 3 things they love most in life, the prophet ended up saying, that he oves the good, the women and the prayers, I will create a separate thread  to discuss this crap with you in details later today inshaallah

In another thread, a confused freak named “Tarkib” raised a question asking if the Christians are Kafiroon,  you should see the replies he got, simply most Muslims are cowards and fear to say the truth that according to the Quran, the Christians must be kafiroon, so I replied firmly as you know me and stated that of course they are kafiroon and showed them many Quran verses confirming what I said, I was attacked by a member straight away, sort of he wanted me not to say the truth, sort of to lie and say no they are not, you know guys the feel good religion attitude, so I replied to him firmly that his rely to me was nothing but crap and ignorance, later a member named ‘User’, replied and confirmed what I said in the same firm manner, he used Quran and hadith to prove his case, so I replied to him and said, “Well said”

Later on I received a PM from that guy named “User” asking me for my email so we know each other better, I passed my email, then he asked for my MSN so we can chat, I actually don’t use MSN, it is too cheap and people just type over each other, very messy indeed, normally I have my car as my avatar any where, however a few montha back, I was talking to a lot of women on MSN, so I wanted to clear any confusion by using a photo of myself, my wife and my children as an avatar, so everyone who talks to me knows well that I’m happily married to my beautiful wife and have two beautiful children, I actually don’t like showing myself or another of my family on cyber world as my enemy may use it to mock me, so I passed on mu MSN to him and logged in, he saw my family photo and quickly asked me about those people, so I informed him that they are my family

Quickly he started showing his true colour, he kept typing over me and never answered any of my arguments, a typical Mushrik of a sunni, anyway we finished talking agreeing that we will debate on the future after he brings some knowledgeable people because he admitted to lack knowledge

I went back to the thread named “Lessons in Love” and decided to reply to it, you can guess that my reply was not charming nor kind, I was angry to see those confused Muslims posting crap that only defame the prophet, theye lame excuse that the prophet never talked of his own desires, I demolished their crap and showed them that the Quran tells us in two locations at least that the prophet talked and acted according to his desire, and faulted and was corrected and was exposed by Allah in His Quran, the guy “User” whom I spoke to on MSN came on the attack, attacking me bead, saying that he talked to me on MSN and I’m clear cut Jahil (Ignorant), if the guys said only so, I would have no problem with what he said, however the filthy punk talked ill about my wife and my family, he said that even my wife wears tight cloth and not wearing the Hijab, AND THAT WAS IT FOR ME, HE WAS CONSIDERED A MALICE ENEMY ON THE SPOT AND I JUST WENT MAD ON HIM AND TOTALLY INSULTED THE SHIT OUT OF HIS ARSE FOR TALKING ILL ABOUT MY WIFE TO DEFAME ME IN PUBLIC, what a filthy tard he is man, I will create a separate thread for this incident so you see for yourself how low and shifty this untrustworthy Arab freak whom I should have dismissed in the rubbish bin and never allowed him the opportunity to talk to me on MSN, anyway the crap he told me on MSN was refuted by me on Tas-hih Al Bukhari article:, here it is;file=viewtopic&p=3482#3482

BTW, in my refute to his crap in the link above, I was still considering him a prospect cyber friend, it was before he talked ill about my family in public and before I dismissed him for life

Any way the Admins in there deleted all the bad exchange between myself and such freak on the thread “Lesson of Love” and I explained myself in a email to the Admins that such freak should have never mentioned my family in order to defame me in public

The freak also asked the Admins to delete my Articles especially Tas-hih Al Bukhari, anyway, as I now know what will make such Mushrik mad, I decided to post two very well selected articles that I wrote in the past:

1) The Quran mention the terrorists in sura Al Baqara
2) Jesus died on earth before he was raised

I selected the above two for a couple of reasons:

The first one is my own discovery and exposes the ignorance we read in the so called Tafsirs, because all Mufasirron said the verses 2:8-20 talk about the Hypocrites, while I believe that they are talking about the terrorists, so I presented my evidences and asked them to prove that every description stated in the verses 2:8-20 applies to any hypocrite, of course they failed to do so and again went on attacking my personality and my knowledge

The second thread about Isa, is not my discovery, I actually learnt such fact from  my mentor, Sjiekh Mohamed Mutawli Al Sharawi, more than 20 years ago, he died a few years ago, was a sad day for me, he is the best religious scholar Egypt ever produced or will ever produce and is very well respected by all, even the government could do any thing to him, you can see him on this video humiliating Hosni Mubarak in public before he died:

A brave man he is, unfortunately he died not soon after, so if they reject it then it means they reject what Sharawi said

Later on the freaks deleted the above two threads, so I asked them the following:

Salam Admins

Hope you are doing ok,

I posted two threads named "The terrorists are mentioned in sura Al Baqara" and "Did Isa die on earth before he was raised" on the Islamic forum, I can't find them now, what may be the possible cause?


They replied as follow:

3lekom aL salam Ahmed,
Islamic section is not for Islamic In-depth discussions that require expertise and scholars in religion and threads that have been deleted need to be specialists in religion to get answers about your questions. There'sbetter place than here to this kind of discussions like islamic site's.

I was not convinced so I replied as follow:

Salam mate

Thanks for the reply, pretty disapponted though, I guess you need to make the above clear so other don't get mislead when they read the following under the Islamic forum:

الركن الإسلامي

للمشاركة بالمواضيع المتعلقة بالدين الإسلامي

.. بمختلف أنوعها .

Certainly misleading, on the other hand, when I started to post here I thought an Amr Adeeb site will be a free speech site, that is because Amr is a Sahafy (A TV Reporter and presenter)

Also Amr discusses far more deep religious subjects on his TV program, I watch it almost daily in Sydney, so many may think that his Islamic forum is a reflection on what is presented on his TV program

Also my article about "Did Isa die on earth before he was raised", IS BASED ON WHAT I LEARNT FROM SHIEKH Mohammed Metwali Al Sharawi 20 years ago, in fact, I believe that jesus died on earth before he was raised because I learnt so from Sharawi alone, what is wrong with that man?

Anyway, if my threads are deleted like that with a very lame and unconvincing excuse, it means one thing only that you guys are telling me politely to piss off and certainly I won't a rude visitor and just say Salam and leave

Salam all

The Arabic words above is the description of the Islamic forum they have on their web site, it simply says:

The Islamic corner is for participation on all subjects related to the religion of Islam, WITH ALL ITS VARIETY

See how I presented a very strong argument, they replied as follow, but in Arabic this time:

انا هرد عليك بالعربي لانه هيوصل المعني أفضل ..
القسم الاسلامي زي مانت قولت ومكتوب المواضيع بمختلف أنوعها لكن دا لا يعني ان المواضيع مطلقة وتوصل لدرجة التشكيك في ثوابت اسلامية او تفسير أيات قرأنية بمعاني أخري + ان الموقع لا يشبة التلفزيون لان البرنامج في نفس اللحظة اللي هيتقال فيها تفسير غلط في الدين هيلاقي الف حد يصحح لكن هنا انت نزلت مواضيع ووجهات نظر لفترة محدش ناقشك فيها بالعكس كان في اعتراض كبير عليها وبالتالي من الافضل ان المواضيع دي يتم نقشها في مكانها الصحيح في مواقع اسلامية متخصصة تقدر تتكلم فيها بحريتك لانك هتلاقي الرد من ناس متخصصة في الدين .. قرار الادارة مش معناه تقييدك لكن القسم الاسلامي في الموقع تقدر تقول علي قدة للمواضيع الدينية الاسلامية اللي تفيد المسلمين والمعروفة ومش مسموح فيها بالمناقشات العميقة اللي بتدخل في القران والدين عشان منسمحش بمجال يتعرض للدين الاسلامي بأى غلط انت متاكد من معلوماتك وثقافتك الرد المقابل ليك ممكن يكون مخالف ومن انسان لا يفقة في الدين والعكس ويتحول الموضوع لتراشق بالدين وفي النهاية هنتحاسب كلنا علي اى كلام واحاديث تطاولت علي الدين من اى طرف.والانترنت بيحتوي علي مواقع اسلامية دينية متخصصة ومتعمقة هتقدر تتناول فيها أفكارك بشكل أفضل.

Here is a quick translation to the above:

I will reply in Arabic so what I want to say reaches you better:

As you said the Islamic corner is for all variety of subjects, but that does not mean absolute variety to a degree to doubt some Islamic matters that are well founded, or to a degree of explaining the Quarn verses with different meanings, the site is not like the TV program because when something says anything wrong about the religion,  on TV there will a thousand wants to reply back and prove them wrong, for you however you raised some issues while no one replied to it, therefore it should be discussed in another proper place like Islamic sites specialized in such, because they will be able to reply to you and you will be able to talk freely in there,

Our decision is not to restrain you, but you can say that the Islamic corner is not for deep discussions, as it is not allowed in there, possibly in here some with no knowledge will rely to you which should be a disadvantage to the religion, as at the end we all be held accountable to what we do and say by Allah, you should look for other places where you may discuss your thoughts in a better way

This is how I replied to the above:

Salam mate

Thanks for your reply again, appreciate it, yes you can write in Arabic to me, I'm Egyptian who lived in Egypt at the first 20 years of my life, I'm sorry that I have to keep writing in English as it is just much easier and faster to me, but if you could understand any sentence please let me know and I will elaborate in Arabic, it will just take me longer as I use software to type on Arabic, I actually never typed Arabic for at least the last 20 years, so you can imagine how slow it will be for me, also the software may make mistakes like getting mixed between Zal and Zain, and as you can see that I'm so loved in here that the members won't let this go b y without making fun of me, lol

Anyway, I understand your point, but I believe that you are missing a few crucial points, you can't just assume that what you have been taught is 100% right, you need to use your brain and ask yourself the question, is it really 100% right, or it maybe a case like the Christian faith followers?, see, with the Christians too, it is well established that Isa is the son of god and for some of them, he is god himself, try to reason with them, they will straight turn you down and ignore you thinking that you are surely a kafir

now ask yourself another question, who is Iblis main enemy?

Is it the Jews

The Christians

The Kafirs

or the Muslims?

it is so clear and obvious to know which is the main and possibly ONLY enemy of Iblis and Qabilah (his progeny)

In fact the hadith also tells to us that Iblis will be standing at the doors of the Mosques, not the doors of Bars

Now you need to continue asking yourself, why the Muslims won't fail prays to Iblis as the Christians and all others fell?

Aren't the Muslims humans like any other humans?

and surely you need to ask yourself the final question

If Iblis and his Qabilah will flaw the Muslims and put them in the wrong, what will be his only way in?

is it the Quran or the Hadith?

Now please think deeply of what I stated above and try to fully use to the max the gift Allah gave you, "Al Mukh"

That is what happened with me over the years and I can see the status of all Muslims around the world confirming the above, and that is why I came here to discuss these serious and very important matter, it will be better to try to prove it wrong than just attacking me (not you) but by others, and most certainly it will be better to prove it wrong than just deleting it, in a way, you guys don't even want to talk about it and face its possibilty, unless you can prove to me that its possibility is NIL i.e. 0%

Look mate, I'm only looking for the truth, in my quest to do so, I had to read tons and tons of work by almost all Mufasiroon, most hadith, most sirah, the bible, almost all Quran English translations, and far more, I spend most of times reading since I was 8 years old, I'm addicted to reading and I read fast, so you expect that I also read most Shia work, most Sunni work, most Ahmadi work, most Bahaii work, most Quranyoon work and many more

From all the above conflicting sects, I found that not all of what they say are right but certainly some of what they say is right, my criteria to tackle this serious and conflicting problem is to refer to the Quran alone, the Quran that each sect of these sects tells us that they adhere to, it has to be the only criteria (Logically speaking), so I ended up accepting what is confirmed by all those sects that is not in violation with the Quran, for example, I will accept any hadith as long as it does not violate the Quran, ironically I read some hadith that allege that people like me will come in the future, the hadith does not talk of them good though, but again, it is an allegation and can’t be a fact and I won’t let this to stop me because this is how I see any Muslim, a believer who only uses the Quran to qualify anything

Now, an important point before I go as I feel I typed a lot, sorry:

I'm a literalist, i.e. the Arabic words of the Quran must be taken literal all the times, no invention, no manipulation and certainly no deception, and trust me mate, for the last 5 years or so, I have spoken with huge number and a variety of people, many claim to be Muslims btw, and I could not believe the amount of confusion I saw within the religion followers, it is appalling man, so it is either I say "Sibha Lillah" which is ultimately the case, or I Atwakal ala Allah and act, abd I decided to go for the second despite the huge risk on my own life that I'm taken, but again, I fear no one but Allah, so please don’t delete my posts that I worked hard for it, possibly some will reply for it, in fact member user showed a lot of interest to reply to it and prove me wrong

Thank you

After this I discovered that they locked my article Tas-hih Al Bukhari to which I tried to continue, so for me that was it, another site that I have to consider as enemy that must be exposed, so I replied as follow:

Salam Mohamed

I could not find any option in the Control Panel to delete my account, can you please delete my account, there will be no honour to be a member in here, a typical Tyrancy place, nothing new with the Arabs, they have been enslaved for years under tyrancy, it is normal for them

I trust that you will attend to my request

Thank you

One of the young freak kids in there who hates me bad replied as follow in Arabic, the kid name is 'Tarkib':

مع السلامة والقلب داعيلك. انا بأستغرب واحد عالمي ويهودي زيك جاي بيضيع وقته مع عالم عرب متخلفة زينا واخدين على الدكتاتورية ليه؟ والنعمة لو كنت في مصر دلوقتي لكنت اشتريت قلة وكسرتها وراك يا عالمي
أبقى سلم على سيدك شارون وبيريز والموزة ليفني

A quick translation to the above:

Good bye and the heart is wishing you good, I wonder why an atheist and a Jewish like you comes here to waste his time, with ignorant Arabs like us who are accustomed to dictatorship , I swear if you were in Egypt, I  would have bought a bottle and break it behind you, you atheist

Send my salam to your master Sharon and Berez and the banana Lifny

I actually didn’t want to reply any more on this Shirk hole however I thought that this should be a good chance to inform them with my intention towards yet another shirk hole

This is how I replied to the above crap by that confused and ignorant kid named ‘Tarkib’:

Don't feel too happy, I will still keep an eye on this web site and copy your crap to my web site then expose it to the world, I will not post my articles in here any more but i will refute all your crap and shirk on my web site which is visited by 100 countries

Keep an eye on a new thread called on my site, the truth will be exposed to the world tonight

I will also expose your crap regarding the lie alleged by people that the prophet loved women in this life more than he loves to pray to Allah


Here you have it, anpther Jerry Springer crap, but all should be good Inshaallah, I will later today prepare two new threads, one about the  crap posted by an ignorant “Lessons in love” that only defame the prophet, as well my exchange with such lowest of the lows and Arab pervert and Khain “user”


One thing I will hand to you is your attention to details in recounting the events.

And I have to nod at the guy accusing you of being an "Atheist AND a Jew", very nice.

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