You have been warned

Hello all

I consider this movie is the best that I have done, I believe I could have done it better, however due to time restriction, I was statisfied enough with the final result without the need to continue working on it, possibly in the future I will make it even better

the idea behind this movie came to mind about 3 years ago when I was debating the quran aloners on, the guy I was debating was named Arnold Yassin, this guy is one hell of a Quran manipulator, he can just do anything your wish with every word in the Quran, with him the black can mean white and the white can mean red, very strange way of thinking indeed, he belives that the whole Quran is nothing but a metaphor, almost everything, including Adam, the prophets, the angels, hell etc etc, for hell though i had a long debate with him that was a blockbuster on, he alleges that hell in the Quran is not real rather will be in the mind, that is something I;m sure the kafirs will also disagree with him, so I decided that I conclude my debate with a movie about hell (Jahannam), i collected all approperiate verses that talks about hell implying that it has to be real then arranged them in a specific order and created the movie on that verses order, the movie will start by displaying a few verses while Hell is dimmed at the backgraound, the verses in this first part of the movie, are sort of telling those who will enter it why they have to enter it, then when they reach it and its doors are open (when the hell at the back ground is not dimmed any more) the movie will really kick in, I spent long time trying to find a track to suit the whole idea and going through hundreds I settled on the one you will hear in the movie, one of the best trance tracks I have ever heard, the movie objectives are as follow:

1) to prove to Arnold Yassin that hell must be real
2) to issue a warning to any one who is not following the guidance of Allah that hell will be wating for you

That is why I called the movie, You have been warned, enjoy:


Thanks Ahmed, the movie is wonderful!

It clearly shows the sadistic nature of your God and the reason why his wrath should be avoided.

Luckily he doesn't exist and your Wes Craven inspired movie is nothing but a fiction of the human mind.

Be careful with horror movies though, as after many parts and repetitions they lose the fear factor and become merely a joke and inspiration for posters and memorabilia. Look what happened to "Nightmare on Elm Street" after part 3.


this is sick! an all loving god would not do that

ibnishaq wrote:
this is sick! an all loving god would not do that

Exactly Ibn. Any sane person can see that a all loving, all knowing, all powerful god will not torture his own creations, just because he himself made them intentionally faulty (infidels) by putting seal on their hearts. How sadistic this allah is, who enjoys torturing of infidels for eternity for his own mistake?

I think this Yassin guy is doing it the Suffi way, it is the ultimate dissonance.

Well, there's a lot of lurid stuff about hell long in literature, and those Qu'ranic verses are no exception.  You timed it well, Ahmed, that took a LOT of work on your part.

Contrast it with Luke 16 of the Bible, just read it in translation, and ask yourself how is it the guy in Torments (hell, a compartment of it) would have so much ability to talk and try to manipulate Abraham and Lazarus?  How much could he really be hurting, if he's playing the same guilt game he did while still living?  More on that passage is at My "Lake of Fire" subsection in Part V of the Thinking series, click here.

I'm not saying hell is a more comfortable place than you depict, but obviously the discomfort is not so much perceived, because the hatred of God is stronger.  Qu'ran depicts REPENTING people whom 'Allah' will not hear.  Bible depicts UNREPENTANT people who now knowing the truth, still refuse it.  Very different 'hell' presented.

The other problem is that paradise emptied at Christ's Ascension, Ephesians 4:8-9, so Paradise is uninhabited now.  Only hell under the earth is inhabited, pending the Great White Throne Judgement of Revelation 20:11-15.

So in light of that claim, the entire Qu'ranic description of hell and paradise becomes rather sinister.  Don't believe, and you go to hell.  Do believe, and you still go to hell.  I especially liked the last clip of Qu'ran where you had Satan explaining that he was down there with them and that he couldn't help them out, that they were down there for believing in him.

Um, if Allah is Satan, the entire story then becomes a burlesque of Muslims.  The studied ambiguity of it, the stress on lurid descriptions so evocative of the Middle Ages literature on hell, really makes me wonder.

I'm sorry to put it like this, but it's really a red flag advertisement someone's impersonating Allah, that even believers in Allah GO BELOW THE EARTH when they die.  I made two Youtube movies about it (I'm new to movie making, so forgive the simple structure), click here and click here.  The latter one is more pointed.  You'll not like either one.

It's not heavenly, to be seeing others tortured.  It's not heavenly, to go below the ground when you die.  That's hell, far away from Allah.  That is, unless Allah is Satan.  

Think it over, Ahmed, you have a brain.  WHY UNDER THE EARTH?  That's a fate worse than being alive, up here!  This is as close to prosyletizing as I'll get with you, and that only because I suddenly imagine you down there (owing to the movie), and I wouldn't even wish that fate on Hitler, let alone you.

End commercial message.  Every movie should have a commercial, and now this one is done.

brainout, I don't understand what the fuk you are talking about nor that I want to understand it, it's been dismissed

thanks for watching the movie though

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