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Exposing Dr Laleh Bakhtiar’s ignorance regarding the Quran
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:58 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

AhmedBahgat wrote:
AhmedBahgat wrote:
Baal wrote:
And this is why I think your translation will be quite superior to the other translations. It might be in the ranks of the French translation which is considered the best.


My translation is not finished yet nor it is consistent neither it is error free, my butt has to work hard for the next 3 years to get it to the expected level of being superior inshaallah and it will be distributed free of any cost even the printinig cost will be taken care of inshaalllah, I just can't imagine that I sell the words of Allah for 24.95 bucks as many freaks do, the words of Allah in any language should be priceless

yep they may say to get the cost of publishing, but i have to say , the objective of publishing it is to serve Allah alone even if cost will be involved


Baal wrote:
It is okay Ahmad. The priceless words of allah will cost money to get printed

And Allah is the one who provides and compensates

It is not like when Uthamn collected the Quran in one book he charged the people 29.95 dinar to bloody get a copy

No he charged them Zakat and when he finally killed by the muslims and the Sahaba and Aisha and buried in a shallow jewish cemetary called Al-Kawakib, they found 33 Million Dinars in his coffers. ShakarNAK wa HamadNAK ya Rab. Shakar And Hamad must be really lucky guys.

AhmedBahgat wrote:

Baal wrote:
And then will need to be accessed. And if the people financing the mosques and madrassas do not care about your translation, they will not make it very accessible now would they.

for me, it is the not the people who are controlling how the words of Allah will be accessibale, again it is Allah and only Him Who can control it.

..Look! a butterfly! I will be right back.

AhmedBahgat wrote:

Baal wrote:

But it is okay, I will buy it. For 0$ or for 100$, I will do my best to access it.

it is going to be for free, pal, I have hundreds of ideas in my head, I just need to finish it then check it then check it again then check t again before I compile it into a book, a software, electronic copies using many formats that are downloadable from the net as well a search engine that searches the English words

Good to see you are taking the correct steps to spread your book. Glad to know you will be keeping a good control on how the book will be accessible.


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