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UK Muslims are fed up with British Infidels
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Break the chains of ignorance and fear
God Isn't his absence slightly odd?
Abrahamic Religions Which is the one true and uncorrupted religion?
Judaism God's chosen people. Is God racist?
Christianity The peak of the Greek Tragedy is embodied in this somewhat confusing religion.
Islam Is it really a continuation of the OT and the NT, or a mere cheap copy?
The Qur'an Analysis and discussions regarding the Qur'an (only).
Hadith and Sunnah The Shari'ah laws, sayings of the prophet, his biography and his ways.
Non-Abrahamic Religions Eastern, indigenous and newly created religions.
Apostates Of Religion Testimonies, circumstances and the straw that broke the camel's back.
New Converts Have you recently found God or a religion that is in your view "the true and only one"? Please share your story with us.
Truth, Goodness and Beauty Discuss the different philosophical schools and which one do you support the most.
Logic Do you apply logic when you investigate, verify, discuss and debate? Or do you end up falling into one of the "logical fallacies", as you lose control of your thoughts and temper?
Atheism, Agnosticism, Spiritualism and Faithheadism Is it genetic? Do some people need to be believe in something to maintain a balance in life? And are Atheists just harsh people who weren't loved as they grew up?
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Theology & Philosophy
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Tas-hih Al Bukhari (Authenticating Bukhari)
I challenge Ahmed Bahgat the wonderful Islamic scholar
3 questions that could get me out of islam
Misinformation and Misreporting in the Quran
Misinformation & Misreporting in the Gospels.
Arabic Speakers Needed! (On behalf of Ibnshaq)!
Hillary Clinton in Lesbian Affair with Indo/Paki Muslima
Intellectual_Fighter vs. All_Brains

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