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"Hit Them!"
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:06 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

All_Brains wrote:


All_Brains wrote:
Your Nisaa surah

Sorry, it's not mine, it is Allah's

All_Brains wrote:
is perfect for middle east/3rd world type of culture,

and to the believers in ant age or generation

All_Brains wrote:
where the man is clearly dominant and decides the Nushooz of his woman.

and the wpoman also can decide if her husband is Nashiz or not and can seek divorce based on that, 4:128-129

Now regarding dominance, well in all western countries the males are the dominiant in almost everything

All_Brains wrote:
You live in Australia, a country where hitting your own wife is a punishable crime.

That is why I will never hit my wife even if she is nashiz, and that is to protect myself against the infidel flawed laws

for me, if my wife is nashiz then I will divorce her and marry another out of millions around the globe, and will continue doing so until I find a pious wife

All_Brains wrote:
The entire western world realised through psychology the severe consequence of physical punishment.

physical punishment for no reason, it can't be valid, but for insistance on ill conduct reason, then physical punishment is valid

now let me tell you, that even going to jail carry  severe psychologicalconsequence

All_Brains wrote:
You're an Arab Egyptian through and through, you probably were hit by your parents and school teachers growing up in Egypt,

can't even rememebr that it happened

All_Brains wrote:
hitting has become normal and accepted to you!!

for no reason, no

but for the insistance of ill conduct then yes it has to be normal

All_Brains wrote:
What would happen if a Muslim husband hits his wife here in Australia because she simply left home to visit a friend without permission???

that can not be an ill conduct, however if it upsets the husband the first time and he adviced her not to do then she insisted on doing it then we have two other options to try then divorce

All_Brains wrote:
What would happen if your kid gets hit at school by a teacher in Aussie??

well, a kid is still learing life, but a married wife who claims to be a Muslim, will have no fukin excuse than her insuatnce on the ill conduct

All_Brains wrote:

You know very well the answers to the above!

and it seems that you don't know it

All_Brains wrote:
Now, another thing that skipped you! Women do not need to be saved by men! Women in the western world including the country you live in, have careers, jobs, own money, own opinion, circle of friends and own activities and hobbies.

and get involoved in many ill conducts daily, also the malles in australia are still dominanent over the females

did Australia ever have a female PM?

how many women in all ministers, do you know?

did america ever had a female president?

[quote="All_Brains"]Hitting does not save marriages and correct ill-conducts,[/quoyte]

it certainly has a chance to save

All_Brains wrote:
it actually does the following:

let me see

All_Brains wrote:
1. If you're in a Muslim/3rd world country, hitting your wife and children is quite accepted as a method of discipline.

and is still acceoted in many other western countries, in fact in Australia many lobbies support smacking the ill conduct children

All_Brains wrote:
It also keep marriages together using fear, women usually cease the love their husbands and their lives and just live like zombies waiting for the next beating...How pathetic and sad!

sorry, what you are talking about is domestic violence, not what 4:34 is taling about of a pious Muslim and his ill coonduct wife.

All_Brains wrote:
2. If you are in a country like Australia, man and woman are life and journey partners, they share all life's decisions and use dialogue to fix differences in opinion.


the males in Australia are the dominant

let;s take sir Paul Mcarthey as an example, see how he is fuking his wife hard?

he only wants to give her 100 mill,  out of his 2 bill

see, is Paul actiojn towards his estranged wife fair to you?

All_Brains wrote:
They stay together because they want to and love each other, NOT because the woman is afraid of her man!!!

hahaha, are you living your barbie world

a male who continue to live with an ill conduct wiofe must be committing ill conduct himself

All_Brains wrote:
Your God who keeps human on the right path by mainly showing the teeth of his hell, follows the very same logic of keeping women in line...by giving men the authority to judge their ill-conduct and physically punish them!!

please stop resorting to the Tutty Fruit fallacy

All_Brains wrote:
I will have to give you one thing, your God is very consistent!

of course He is

And say: Truth has arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is bound to perish.
[The Quran ; 17:81]
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Your defence is pure "Because I would never do it" and then a whole bunch of tu coque about the west. You can do better.

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